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With your gift, Tender Hearts Foundation is able to increase awareness of the problems our homeless youth face in our local communities and we are further able to provide gifts to help support programs that truly result in lasting change. Incorporating only the best practices, and using the best monitoring and evaluation techniques, these programs are based on meeting the needs of the youth at key stages in their physical and intellectual development.


The purpose of this organization is to support and conduct activities that promote and develop a healthy mind and spirit in the lives of the youth in the community and to achieve the overarching goal of improving our society as a whole. Our philosophy is based on the idea that rather than give a child a “fish”, it is better to teach the child how to fish. Instead of giving money directly to these children, we provide help by gifting grant money to community-based programs that provide life-changing experiences and opportunities for these youth. By involving the community in the work that we do, our goal is to create lasting changes and not to just help one generation of children and families, but to help future generations as well.

With development of a healthy mind and spirit as the principal goal, we focus on the basic necessities and core developmental stages and needs in the lives of the homeless and at-risk youth in the community. Tender Hearts Foundation has provided gifts to the Safe Haven for Youth and Dakota Woodlands, existing programs. Minnesota Valley Foyer is a program which is presently in the development stage, but has a philosophy and concept that is similar to that which Tender Hearts Foundation supports. An example of how these programs are implemented is as follows:
Safe Haven For Youth

Safe Haven for Youth provides services to homeless youth and young adults that empower them to identify and evaluate behaviors and issues surrounding their own successful transition into independent living. The services include individual assessment, counseling, best inversion table and training (including budgeting, money management, housekeeping, meal planning and preparation) as well as interpersonal skill building, self development and leadership skill development.

“In the summer of 1997 I became homeless because of problems at home..I was 17 years old and had quit school.I stayed with friends here and there for places to sleep. I even slept outside a few times and just wandered like a stray cat during the day.One day I couldn’t stay at a friend’s house any longer.so I stayed at the Bridge for Runaway youth for a week. Soon I moved into Safe Haven for Youth. I returned to school, played football and baseball on the varsity teams, got my license to drive and worked to save money to buy a car. Eventually I graduated from high school.now I have a decent job and live on my own and soon plan to marry my fiancé whom I love very much.”

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