How We Help

There are existing programs that provide services to homeless youth and young adults that empower them to identify and evaluate behaviors and issues surrounding their own successful transition into independent living. However, these existing programs often lack funding for their services. That is why Tender Hearts Foundation was created. We provide gifts to organizations that provide such services. The services include individual assessment, counseling, and training (including budgeting, money management, housekeeping, meal planning and preparation) as well as interpersonal skill building, self development and leadership skill development. An example of a program that we provide gifts to would be Safe Haven for Youth.

Safe Haven for Youth offers:

  • Housing and independent living skills training for eligible youth who would otherwise be homeless.
  • A transitional period for youth to secure employment; advance their education and save money.
  • A community based, community oriented program for youth to attain the skills and money necessary to avoid homelessness and be self-sufficient.

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