About Youth — Some Statistics

How many children do not live at home?

Nearly 30,000 Minnesota children spend at least one night away from home each year in some type of treatment program, foster care, correctional facility, or homeless without a parent.
15,700 children and young people are in the social services system (primarily for child protection). Within this group, the majority are there due to neglect.
An estimated 8,300 additional children are in the corrections system without being tracked by the social services system.
Approximately 5,200 other children are homeless and on their own.
A survey showed that 45% of homeless youth who had stayed in an emergency shelter had no place to go afterwards.

Why don’t these children live at home?

Children leave or are removed from their homes for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

Because the parents have asked the child to leave or the child finds conditions at home to be intolerable (many homeless youth).
To protect them from maltreatment (most commonly neglect, but also abuse).
Their parents cannot care for them because of illness, death, imprisonment, inadequate housing, or other reasons.
To protect the community from the child’s behavior (delinquent youth)
Because of the child’s own difficulties, such as behavior problems, substance abuse, or disability.

National Poverty:

One in six children in the United States lives in poverty.
More than 2.5 million children live in poverty in rural America.

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