How We Help

April 29, 2009 tenderheartsfoundation 0

There are existing programs that provide services to homeless youth and young adults that empower them to identify and evaluate behaviors and issues surrounding their own successful transition into independent living. However, these existing programs often lack funding for their services. That is why Tender Hearts Foundation was created. We provide gifts to organizations that provide such services. The services include individual assessment, counseling, and training (including budgeting, money management, housekeeping, meal planning and preparation) as well as interpersonal skill building, self development and leadership skill development. An example of a program that we provide gifts to would be Safe Haven for Youth. Safe Haven for Youth offers: Housing and independent living skills training for eligible youth who would otherwise be homeless. A transitional period for youth to secure employment; advance their education and save money. A community based, community oriented program for youth to attain the skills and money necessary to avoid homelessness and be self-sufficient.

How You Can Help

April 6, 2009 tenderheartsfoundation 0

We all have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of youth in need. While many children grow up in a healthy stable family environment, unfortunately many do not. Children leave or are taken from their homes for many different reasons. Some of the most common include: To protect them from maltreatment (most commonly neglect, but also abuse); Their parents cannot care for them because of illness, death, imprisonment, inadequate housing; or other reasons; To protect the community from the child’s behavior (delinquent youth); Because of the child’s own difficulties, such as behavior issues; substance abuse or disability; Because the parents have asked the child to leave; Because the child finds conditions at home to be intolerable (many homeless youth). These young people who do not live at home are at a higher risk of experiencing a myriad of other problems throughout their lives. Such problems impact the community and the people living in the community in a variety of ways. Ultimately some youth resort to crime and this causes a negative impact for everyone. You can help the youth in the community by providing your support in any number of ways. Some of the ways you can help are as follows: Donation: When you donate to Tender Hearts Foundation your contribution helps provide funding for services that will help these young people become independent and productive members of the community. Your care and compassion for these young people will touch and change lives forever. The individual action of each and every donor can not only touch one life but can have a positive ripple effect throughout the community. Pledge: You can collect pledges and qualify for prizes. On June 5, 2004 the Heart of the City Half Marathon event will take place. Whether you run or not, you can collect pledges for the run. If you want to run in the event, you can register online. On June 19, 2004, the executive director of the Tender Hearts Foundation organization will run in Grandma’s Half Marathon in Duluth. All pledge money raised will go to Tender Hearts Foundation to help the homeless youth. If you would like to pledge her, please click here for a Pledge Form. Sponsorship: Sponsorship is one way Tender Hearts Foundation is able to increase awareness of the problems our homeless youth face in our local communities. Sponsorship will help enable Tender Hearts Foundation to match caring individual donors with individual youth in need to provide programs that truly result in lasting change. Incorporating only the best practices, and using the best monitoring and evaluation techniques, sponsorship programs are based on meeting the needs of the youth at key stages in their physical and intellectual development. If you would like to sponsor a specific young person by providing a gift and in turn receiving information (i.e. a picture and/or short biography of the person) about their individual progress, you can sign up for such a program. Please make a specific inquiry at REMEMBER: Every contribution makes a difference. It is never too late!